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“Fascinating performance!”

                            Bob Hiltermann, Drummer of Beethoven’s Nightmare

" A very spicy memory of our Deaf youth. Jon reminisced us of our universal Deaf experience toward
the discovery of our beautiful Sign Language, the Family connection and everlasting Friendship"

                            Patrick Boudreault, Ph.D. Deaf Studies Scholar.

“Absolutely entertaining and full of spices!”

                            Flavia Fleischer, Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University

"In Spanish Spices, Jon amazingly delivers his life story, reflecting on being Deaf within a
non-Deaf family and going to public schools, in a way that is all at once funny, poignant, and profound. Truthful yet endearing."

                            Ella Mae Lentz, Owner, ASL Presents LLC

"Watching Jon Savage's "one man show" several times recently, I was really impressed with his originality, his courage to share, his creativity, his humor and everything in how he delivers his show. Sharing about his life and his perspective as a Deaf person in an artistic form, that is acting out.
Jon is one of these young new professional actors with a great passion and has a lot of potential for stardom."

                            David O. Reynolds, Actor and Director of national children TV show, "Dr. Wonder's Workshop."
Activist, Educator, one of ASLFilms Production Team, and several Media Productions.
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